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You and Your Health

Healthji is all about you and your personal well being. Your health is the key to open all doors to a longer and happier life. If you feel good, you look good. Healthji Products and Services will help you know your Health IQ and give you the Tools to make the right Health Choices for Good Health and a Good Life.

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Get Access to Health Tools like Personal Health Record, Diabetes Risk Profile, Health Age, Ebooks and more for Free.
Find out your potential health risks through our certified Health Risk Assessor and Get a Personalized Report.
Find out your potential health risks through our certified Health Risk Assessor and talk to our Wellness Coach to improve your lifestyle.

Latest Discussions

Are you Thyroid Aware?

January is thyroid awareness month. This small butterfly shaped organ in the throat is responsible for YOUR weight. If your thyroid hormones are out of sync; you could possibly be affected by hair loss, acne, fatigue, feeling excessively cold, lethargy or...

Salt and Cancer

Salt intake is closely related to cancer of the stomach and is likely to be an important pre-disposing cause. Salt in the concentration found in many processed or instant foods, eg instant soups, soya sauce, is a profound gastric irritant.

Personal Wellness ProfileTM

This is a thorough online health risk assessment based on a self reporting questionnaire originally developed by Wellsource Inc. This assessment will educate you about your personal current health status, based on which we provide personalized wellness recommendations and methods to adapt to a healthier lifestyle.



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