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Parrot Fever

Overview :

Parrot fever, which is referred to as avian psittacosis when it infects birds, is caused by Chlamydia psittaci. Pet birds in the parrot family, including parrots, parakeets, macaws, and cockatiels, are the most common carriers of the infection. Other birds that may also spread C. psittaci include pigeons, doves, mynah birds, and turkeys. Birds that are carrying the organism may appear healthy, but can shed it in their feces. The symptoms of avian psittacosis include inactivity, loss of appetite and ruffled feathers, diarrhea, runny eyes and nasal discharge, and green or yellow-green urine. Sick birds can be treated with antibiotics by a veterinarian.

C. psittaci is usually spread from birds to humans through exposure to infected bird feces during cage cleaning or by handling infected birds. In humans, parrot fever can range in severity from minor flu-like symptoms to severe and life-threatening pneumonia.

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