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Surviving Motherhood: Keeping Germs Away

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Human Atlas: Herpes



Infectious Diseases in an Indian School Setting- Quiz  Average Rating 60%

Take this quiz to see how much you know about infectious diseases in an Indian School setting


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An infectious disease is a clinically evident disease resulting from transmission through one or more diverse pathways including physical contact with infected individuals. These infecting agents may also be transmitted through liquids, food, body fluids, contaminated objects or airborne inhalation.
Some common infectious diseases are HIV/AIDS, diarrhea, TB, malaria, measles, mumps, Rubella and many tropical diseases.

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Lyme Disease - KidsHealth  Average Rating 80%

Information for parents about the infection caused by bacterium usually found in mice and deer ticks.

Infection  Average Rating 60%

Infection leads to germs, which enter the susceptible site in the body and multiply. ... in the skin is a potential symptom or a potential site of infection. ...


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Statement of Christine F. Sizemore, Ph.D., Barbara E. Laughon, Ph.D., and Anthony S. Fauci, M.D., National Institute ...  Average Rating 60%

This year, as we commemorate World TB Day, we renew our resolve to stop tuberculosis. Although mindful of the substantial challenges that confront us in the ultimate goal of eliminating tuberculosis, we are encouraged by recent progress in fighting this lethal infection.


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Handshakes are on hold this graduation  Average Rating 60%

Swine flu means no handshake for you. That's the message thousands of college graduates, including more than 5,200 at the University of South Florida (USF), will get along with their diplomas.

One man's poison  Average Rating 60%

While the world keeps its fingers crossed and World Health Organisation declares the swine flu or H1N1 virus attack as pandemic, a piece of news attracted attention.


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Hospital Design and Infection Control  Average Rating 80%

The conference was a deliberation which provided guidelines and scientific evidence to control and handle hospital acquired infections. The proceedings for the first day of the conference were eventful.

Answers to your questions about sexual health and sexually transmitted diseases  Average Rating 60%

HIV is percolating from high-risk groups to general population. The prevalence of HIV is more in urban population than rural; males more than females, because of more sex related risk behavior in men.


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Health and Family Blogs | Add or Submit Blog  Average Rating 60%

Find business blogs about health and family at iBlog Business. ... diet, weight loss and health problems like infection disease, cancer and AIDS. ...

Infection Disease - Blogs, Pictures, and more on WordPress  Average Rating 60%

Blogs about: Infection Disease, Illness Research Blog tagged with "infection-disease": Technorati IceRocket ...

RSC | Blog  Average Rating 80%

The Republican Study Committee is a group of over 100 House Republicans organized for the purpose of advancing a ... birds at high risk of infection, ...


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Ayurveda's Boon

Ayurveda, infection  Average Rating 60%

An Introduction to Ayurveda, A natural Medicine System from India which can help cure many diseases. ... Ayurveda > Ayurvedic Treatment > Jantu Pradurbhav ...


Homeopathy Remedies


The "germs" are there, but they are waiting for some favourable condition to give ... If, now, Camphor is taken, all this risk may be put a stop to. A couple of camphor ...

For All Homeopathic Remedies  Average Rating 60%

First Lessons in the Symptomatology of Leading Homeopathic Remedies

How to get rid of a cold in one day?  Average Rating 60%

If all those vitamin C, Echinacea and zinc lozenges fail, there is a very powerful alternative remedy for curing a cold fast (sometimes even in one day!) and which, at least helps shorten it's duration in half.


Treatment by Yoga

Yoga For Yeast Infection  Average Rating 80%

Home " Articles Directory " Yoga " Yoga For Yeast Infection ... to use this feature. Yoga For Yeast Infection. by Cathy Taylor. Email this article ...


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