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Radiofrequency ablation safe and effective for reducing pain from bone ...  Average Rating 0%

Oncologists have another tool for the management of cancer pain," said Thomas DiPetrillo, clinical director of radiation oncology at Rhode Island Hospital and associate professor ...

Pain management failing as fears of prescription drug abuse rise  Average Rating 0%

Millions of Americans with significant or chronic pain associated with their medical problems are being under-treated as physicians increasingly fail to provide comprehensive pain ...


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Problem with Pain Management doctor - Topix  Average Rating 0%

Ok the story is im 21 yrs. Old and a little over 2 months ago I had a back surgery, where my discs were completely removed and replaced. A few weeks after my doctor told me to go ...

pain management - Topix  Average Rating 0%

Since the lose of the two pain management clinic in russellville, by one moving and the other doctor losing his lin. there is no clinic for pain management, and all the other ...


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