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In the stomach, food undergoes chemical and mechanical digestion. Here, peristaltic contractions (mechanical digestion) churn the bolus, which mixes with strong digestive juices that the stomach lining cells secrete (chemical digestion). The stomach walls contain three layers of smooth muscle arranged in longitudinal, circular, and oblique (diagonal) rows. These muscles allow the stomach to squeeze and churn the food during mechanical digestion.

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Three toxins in food identified as triggers to gluten intolerance: study  Average Rating 0%

Coeliac disease cause by intolerance to gluten present in food and drinks like bread, pasta, cereals, biscuits and beer commonly affects many people all over the world. This affects 1 percent of all people in ...

Digestive disorder in infants may be genetic, findings indicate  Average Rating 0%

Digestive Disorder in Infants May Be Genetic, Findings Indicate ... infants, typically 2 to 8 weeks old, develop an inability to pass food from the stomach ...


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Parts of Digestive System  Average Rating 0%

The stomach is the main part of the digestive system and is divided into 4 parts, namely the cardia, where the bolus enters first; the fundus, which is the top curve of the stomach ...

Your Digestive System and How It Works  Average Rating 0%

Ghrelin is produced in the stomach and upper intestine in the absence of food in the digestive system and stimulates appetite. Peptide YY is produced in the digestive tract in ...

Stomach & Digestive Disorders |  Average Rating 0%

Stomach & Digestive Disorders. Stomach conditions and digestive problems can put a damper on your day, and may even necessitate a permanent lifestyle change, as is the case with ...


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stomach hurts: - Topix  Average Rating 0%

Accutane may cause serious stomach and intestinal problems. Accutane has been linked to inflammatory bowel disease, which causes inflammation and ulceration of the digestive tract ...


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The Digestive System and Yoga  Average Rating 0%

The organs constituting this system are: the mouth, the pharynx, the gullet (foodpipe), the stomach, the duodenum, and the small and large intestines. From the point of view of the ...


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