Healthy Heart Diet

Many of us are genetically prone to cardiovascular diseases; some of us live a sedentary lifestyle; many others have unhealthy eating habits. Since we bear no control over our genes, we can still work on our diet and lifestyle.

The key to a heart healthy diet is to eat a high fiber diet, which is also low in fat, particularly animal fat (ghee and butter) and oils high in saturated fats like coconut and palm oil. For cooking, use small amounts of heart friendly oils like olive, corn, safflower, soybean, peanut, sesame and canola oils.

Fiber has shown to reduce cholesterol levels. Inclusion of whole grains, vegetables and fruits will ensure that the diet is rich in fiber. Choose foods high in fibre like brown rice, whole wheat/multi-grain breads and cereals, whole wheat flour, etc instead of those products made with refined flour like maida, etc.

A low sodium diet will help keep the blood pressure in check and hence can help in reducing the incidence of heart attacks. Hence, avoid foods high in salt like pickles, papads, ketchups, smoked/cured foods and other foods preserved in brine. Reducing the amount of salt used for cooking, using herbs for enhancing the flavor of the cooked food and using salt-substitutes help in reducing the dependence on table salt.

Research has shown that foods high in omega-3 can reduce the risk of heart attacks. Foods high in omega-3 are oily fish like salmon, mackerel, herring and for vegetarians, walnuts, flax seeds and sun flower seeds. Be sure to include at least one source of omega-3 in your daily diet.

Exercise has also shown to increase the good cholesterol (HDL), so don't forget to exercise* on a daily basis (*before starting on any exercise routine, always seek approval from your physician).

Option Early Morning Breakfast Mid Morning Lunch Evening Dinner
early morning breakfast mid morning lunch evening dinner
1 Walnuts Oatmeal porridge (1%fat milk), Blueberries Apple Whole Wheat phulkas/Rotis (no oil/ghee), Purple cabbage and peas curry, Dal fry, Tomato Salad, Yogurt (fat free) Green Tea Whole Wheat phulkas/Rotis (no oil/ghee), Mixed Veg Sabzi, Sprouts salad, Buttermilk (chaach), Peach
2 100% Grape Juice Cucumber and tomato sandwich with mint chutney (Doule fibre bread) Plum Whole Wheat phulkas/Rotis (no oil/ghee), Alu methi, Dal palak, Green salad, Yogurt (fat free) Tea (1% fat milk), Sprouted Moong Salad Brown Rice, Beans sabzi/ palya, Fish curry (or Masoor dal), Cucumber raitha, Strawberries
3 Toasted sunflower seeds Soy Idli, Sambar, Tomato chutney (no coconut) Nectarine Brown rice, Capsicum curry, Rajma curry, Steamed Asparagus, Mint raitha Fruit chaat (no sev/papdi) Whole wheat phulkas/Rotis (no oil/ghee), Carrot peas sabzi/palya, Tofu burji, Mixed Veg Salad, Blackberries
4 Green tea Multi-grain cereal with flax seed, 1% fat milk, Strawberries Raspberries 100 % Whole wheat wrap, Grilled chicken, Steamed veggies, Yogurt (fat free) Whole Wheat crackers Mixed Vegetable Pulao (with brown rice), Channa masala, Mint raita, Cantaloupe
5 Herb tea Double fibre bread, Egg white/ omelette, Orange Walnuts Mixed Veg soup, Whole Wheat rolls, Grilled Salmon, Tomato Salad, Buttermilk (low fat) Carrot sticks, Hummus Wheat Pasta with Vegetables, Grilled tofu, Corn and bean salad, Papaya

Thousands of people can prevent themselves from falling prey to heart dieases or a heart attack and we want YOU to be one of those thousands. Start your heart-friendly lifestyle today and save your heart!

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